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Popcorn Sale


Your Unit's Steps for a Successful Popcorn Sale

Units having the greatest success in the popcorn sale have several things in common… 

  1. Enthusiastic Leadership:  This is a motivating factor for both the Scouts and their parents.

  2. Identify Unit’s Popcorn Kernel:  Have them register as Popcorn Kernel for the 2017 Popcorn Sale at

  3. Attend Popcorn Kickoff on August 16:  Have the Popcorn Kernel and unit leaders attend the Popcorn training, get up to date info and pick up all your popcorn sales materials.

  4. Plan a Unit Budget: External Link Planning the unit program around a budget demonstrates just how much it costs to provide a great program and help establish unit goals.

  5. Establish Goals:  Both the unit and the Scout’s need goals. The unit can plan the annual program around the sale. A great sale enables a great program. Planning and explaining the benefits of the Scout’s goals motivates both the Scout and his parents.

  6. Educate Parents:External Link Show parents the direct benefits to them and their Scout.  Ex. Johnny sells $x amount and gets to go to camp. Explain why this is such an important fundraiser, state goal, how funds will be used, explain Scholarship Program, Bonus Program, achievements that can be earned, etc.   Show how this fundraiser gives more back to their Scout than other fundraisers.  

  7. Train your ScoutsExternal Link. Brief them on proper sales techniques as well as public courtesies and safety. The community will support Scouting given the opportunity.  Have Scouts provide Unit information for future sales.

  8. Review the” Scout Rewards” available to each Scout.

  9. Have a “Big Unit Kickoff” for ScoutsExternal Link:  Distribute sale materials and get everybody excited! (Registered Scouts will be mailed an Order Form Flyer one week prior to the sale.)

  10. Brainstorm on ways your Unit can meet and exceed your goal:  Such as….

    • Have a “Unit Blitz Day”: Every Scout in the unit goes out selling and whoever sells the most that day gets a prize.

    • Establish an “additional Unit Reward Program” on top of the Council Rewards Program.  Consider using some of the Unit’s commissions to offer additional incentives that your Scouts can enjoy.

      Ex. each Scout who sells $450 gets to go to Day Camp for free or a portion of Webelos Camp or Summer Camp is paid, top selling den/patrol gets a pizza party, or a Scout sells $x or more gets to pie the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster.

    Have a prize for the Scout that has the highest sales each week or highest online sales.

11. Keep accurate records.Collect the money when popcorn is ordered and have check payable to the unit. Schedule an order turn-in party at the end of the sale to collect orders and money from the Scouts.  Remind Scouts to plan to deliver the popcorn within a few days after distribution

. 12. Have a VICTORY Celebration!  Make it FUN and EXCITING!


Upcoming Popcorn Events

Popcorn Distribution   (Sep 14-16, 2017)
Popcorn Super Sunday   (Nov 5, 2017)
Popcorn Final Distribution   (Nov 16, 2017)

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