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What is Beep Baseball?

beep baseball

Beep Baseball is baseball for the blind or visually impaired. There are two teams. All fielders use blindfolds to be sure they can't see. In a regular Beep Baseball game, only the pitcher and catcher can see. In our adaptation, the batter uses a T, hits the ball, and immediately pulls his blindfold down over his/her eyes. One of the two bases starts buzzing. Fielders have to listen for the beeping ball. A sighted person in the field can assist the blindfolded players to avoid collisions and "spread out the defense". If the runner makes it to the buzzing base before the ball is fielded, he scores a run. If the ball is fielded first, the runner is out. There is no further base running. An inning can last through a specified number of outs (typically 3) or until every boy on the team has had a turn to bat.

Beep Ball teaches boys (and girls) to use their sense of hearing to play. It teaches teamwork and concentration. It teaches fun in a different way. It's difficult, for sure. The game teaches life's lessons. It teaches scouts that blindness does not prevent those who are visually disabled from playing baseball. The game certainly helps them appreciate the fact that they can see ... and appreciate the fact that those who cannot have the will and strength to play a game they cannot see. They learn that seeing is not all encompassing ... that when the sense of sight is gone, another takes it's place. This kind of awareness only comes to light when they actually play and experience the game. It helps Scouts appreciate what it is like to be visually impaired and builds respect for and a sense of commonality with people who have disabilities.

What does a typical training session involve?

A typical 50-minute training session will cover:

• A short history of Beep Baseball 
• The rules of a game (as adapted for our purposes)
• Learning how the equipment is used.
• Learning how the equipment is set up.
• A demonstration of the game.
• Safety considerations.
• How equipment should be stored and transported.
• Procedures for using the NEIC equipment. (Darryl Nishibun, Mike Anderson)
• The important role of Reflection as a part of this activity along with sample questions (Betsy Uzzell)

Who should attend?

Any adult leader who wants to be able to run a Beep Baseball activity at the Pack, Troop, District or Council level
Any leader or Boy Scout who wants to able to assist in a Beep Baseball activity 
Questions? Contact Betsy Uzzell at [Click for member's page].

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